Research Luncheon @ Architecture & Design

Seven 5-minutes talks were a prelude to discussions over lunch between ecologists from the School of Biological Sciences and Landscape Architects from the School of Architecture and Design – CBRE’s most recent Research Luncheon.

Vina Quartermain talks about better designs for the Kapiti Coast's landscape. Her academic advisor, Martin Byant, in foreground.

Vina Quartermain, post-graduate student, talks about better designs for the Kapiti Coast’s landscape. Her academic advisor, Martin Bryant, in foreground.

The hottest topic was how might ecologists and architects collaborate better and more often to achieve greater research and teaching outcomes. Ecologists expressed the desire for working with landscape architects to generate greater influence over policy and practice in landscape management, while architects wanted a greater understanding of the ‘ecological rules’ and how designs might be evaluated by ecologists.


The research luncheons held by CBRE and hosted by aligned research groups in other Schools are designed to build active research collaborations for inter-disciplinary research bids with greater importance and impact. Previous research luncheons have been hosted in Schools of Chemical and Physical Sciences and the School of Geography, Environmental and Earth Sciences. Another in the School of Psychology is proposed for the near future.


Ecologist talking with architects about wetlands and wetland restoration.


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