Confucius, Nature & Pandas

confucius centreThe Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington, invites you to the October Lecture in our 2015 Public Lecture Series



Join Dr Edy MacDonald and Dr Wayne Linklater as they discuss their experiences studying and protecting nature’s wonders, including the Giant Panda.
Together they will introduce you to ideas of how people have helped and hurt wildlife, and perhaps empower you to see nature in a new light.

About the speakers:

Dr Edy MacDonald, leading conservation psychologist

Edy was a Research Fellow on the Giant Panda Team at the San Diego Zoo, the first zoo outside of China to successfully breed pandas. Her research interests and expertise are interdisciplinary, ranging from organismal biology, chemical ecology, behavioural endocrinology to conservation psychology and science communication. Her past work took her all over the globe and especially to China to address conservation issues in large mammals such as giant pandas, white rhinoceroses and elephants. As a member of the multi-agency team at the San Diego Zoo, she was responsible for up-skilling and empowering local researchers in different methodologies and interpreting data to make better management decisions. Over the last decade, Edy’s research interests have focused on the human dimension to wildlife conservation. Prior to joining Te Papa, Edy was at Wellington Zoo where she developed and implemented a citizen science programme, Bush Builders, which was awarded DOC’s Wellington Conservancy 2008 Advocacy award.

Dr Wayne Linklater, Associate Professor of Conservation Sciences and Director of the Centre for Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology, Victoria University

Wayne is a biologist researching and teaching about wildlife and our relationship with the nature. He ‘cut his teeth’ in wildlife biology studying the behaviour and ecology of New Zealand’s Kaimanawa Horses but now his work extends from elephant and rhinoceros conservation in Asia and Africa, to people’s relationship with nature in New Zealand and North American cities, and developing new technologies for pest animal control. He is Associate Professor of Conservation Science at Victoria University, Director of its Centre for Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology, and representative on New Zealand’s Scientific Authorities Committee for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Date: Thursday, 1 October 2015
Time: 6 – 7pm
Venue: HMLT 103, Hugh MacKenzie Building, Kelburn Campus, Victoria University (map<>)

Refreshments will follow the public lecture

This is a free event, if you are interested to attend, please email Lai Ching at<> or phone 04 463 9549 to register.


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