The heart of CBRE is its qualified and experienced staff, who have a wide range of expertise in biodiversity, biotechnology, conservation, ecology, genetics, GIS and data analysis; and their post-graduate research students. You will find poss from the following staff on this weblog:

politecol photo (smaller)Dr. Wayne Linklater, Director: You can find Wayne also writing on SciBlogs – New Zealand’s largest science blog network, and Perissodactyla – science for the appreciation, management and conservation of horses and other odd-toed ungulates. Wayne is principal investigator on a diversity of projects including (1) the search for pheromone lures of New Zealand’s leading exotic mammal pests, (2) the conservation of rhinoceros and elephant, (3) human-wildlife and biodiversity relationships in urban landscapes. He supports post-graduate student research projects under all three of these themes. He is also Ex-Officio Representative on New Zealand’s CITES Scientific Authorities Committee.



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